Healthcare In Dubai – Things To Know

Dubai comes across as one of the few places in the GCC region that is always in the news for one reason or another. Most of the time, these reasons are positive. Whether it is tourism or trade, recreation of hoteling, you will not find a better place to visit in the entire region. With that said, few people know that Dubai also happens to be one of the top spots in the region when it comes to healthcare. In fact, it is considered one of the top places for multiple reasons. According to UN healthcare statistics, Dubai is gradually improving its healthcare and treatment facilities. If the trend continues, we may see Dubai becoming the most sought healthcare hub in the entire region.

So far things are moving in the right direction as the UAE government, combined with Dubai administration is taking the right steps. It has been observed commonly that cost and affordability ratio along with lack of adequate facilities are biggest hurdles in providing healthcare to the masses. The government of Dubai is ensuring that healthcare should reach all without any discrimination. Here are some popular steps that the government has taken that might change the way people looked at healthcare in Dubai:


When it comes to healthcare, affordability is perhaps the single biggest challenge to most people. The price of healthcare, from a dentist to an eye specialist was once considered unaffordable. This is gradually improving and we may see further slash in prices of medicine and healthcare in years to come. Continuing this trend, it can be safely assumed that Dubai may well become an affordable place for medical treatment. However, the process is far from complete and requires several steps in this direction.


A rather uncommon and often overlooked aspect to better healthcare is the availability of treatment. You may have all the money but if the treatment is not available, it may be of little use. Same is the case with staff and faculty. What if you are seeking treatment of a disease whose physicians are not available? Though this rarely happens in Dubai but the chances of it happening are there. There may be diseases like rare conditions that may require a lot of attention and counseling. Presumably, the treatment for all known diseases is commonly available, which it will be in years to come, Dubai healthcare is on the right track.